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      Celestion TF 0615
      47 €


      TF 0615

      The Celestion TF0615 6" speaker serves equally well as a woofer or dedicated midrange component when used in pro loudspeaker systems. Highlights 1.5" high temperature copper voice coil wound on polyimide former for increased reliability Optimal performance...

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      Eighteen Sound 6ND430 8 ohm
      117 €

      Eighteen Sound

      6ND430 8 ohm

      6ND430    LF Neodymium Driver Key features 92,5 dB SPL 1W / 1m average sensitivity 45 mm (1,77 in) aluminum voice coil 200 W AES power handling Neodymium motor assembly Weather protected cone Improved heat dissipation via unique basket design Ideal for...

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      Celestion TF 0510
      35 €


      TF 0510

      Celestion TF0510 - 5" Bass/Midbass Woofer - 8 Ohm. A multi-purpose drive unit delivering clear bass and mid frequencies, the 0510 has an impressive extended frequency range. It is ideal for use in multiple speaker systems - in a 2-way system as the LF driver, or as a MF...

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      Celestion TF 0615MR
      42 €


      TF 0615MR

      Celestion TF0615MR - 6" Mid-Range Speaker - 8 Ohm. This compact model has been optimised to deliver detailed reproduction of the mid range part of the audio spectrum. Suitable for use in 3-way systems, the 0615 MR gives a smooth response through the vocal range. Its...

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      Martin Wisman ALPHA 6
      26 €

      Martin Wisman

      ALPHA 6

        SPECIFICATION  ALPHA 6 Nominal diameter 17 cm Voice coil diameter 51 mm Nominal impedance 8 ohm Power capacity 120w Sensitivity 90db Frequency range 70-2500hz

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      SICA Z004050
      24 €



      GENERAL CHARACTERISTICSNominal Overall Diameter ................. 165 mm Nominal Voice Coil Diameter .............. 38 mm Magnet Weight ............................... 640 g Flux Density................................... 1.15 T ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICSNominal...

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      Eighteen Sound 6ND410
      130 €

      Eighteen Sound


      The 6ND410 is a very high output, state-of-the-art midrange product for high quality professional use. The high level of sound quality has been achieved thanks to extensive research by Eighteen Sound engineers which focused on implementing mid frequencies intelligibility....

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