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Proizvođač: CELESTION TF 1018
Dostupnost: Na stanju
Šifra Proizvoda: 3289
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This bass and mid range driver is suitable for use in 2-way systems and provides a great price/performance ratio.General specificationsNominal diameter (mm/in)         254/10Power Rating (AES, W rms)         100Nominal impedance (?)             8Voice coil diameter (mm/in)         44.5/1.75Magnet type                 CeramicMagnet weight (kg/oz)             0.88/31Chassis type                 Pressed steelSensitivity (dB)             96Frequency range (Hz)             70-6000Coil material                 Round copperFormer material             Round copperCone material                 Kevlar loaded paperSurround material             Cloth-sealedSuspension                 SingleXmax (mm/in)                 2.0/0.08Gap depth (mm/in)             6.0/0.24Voice coil winding width (mm/in)     10.0/0.39Small Signal ParametersSd (m2/in2)                 0.035/53.69D (m/in)                 0.21/8.27Fs (Hz)                 70Mmt (g/oz)                 26.31/0.93Mmd (g/oz)                 22.66/0.80Qms                     7.64Qes                     0.66Qts                     0.61Re (?)                     5.8Vas (lt/ft3)                 32.6/1.15BI (Tm)                 10.10Cms (mm/N)                 0.2Rms (kg/s)                 1.5Mounting InformationOverall diameter (mm/in)         256/10.08Overall depth (mm/in)             102/4.02Cut-out diameter (mm/in)         229/9.02Mounting slot dimensions (mm/in)     6 x 8/0.24 x 0.31Number of mounting slots         4Mounting slot PCD range (mm/in)     245/9.65Unit weight (kg/lb)             2.4/5.3

€ 66

This bass and mid range driver is suitable for use in 2-way systems and provides a great price/performance ratio.

General specifications
Nominal diameter (mm/in)         254/10
Power Rating (AES, W rms)         100
Nominal impedance (?)             8
Voice coil diameter (mm/in)         44.5/1.75
Magnet type                 Ceramic
Magnet weight (kg/oz)             0.88/31
Chassis type                 Pressed steel
Sensitivity (dB)             96
Frequency range (Hz)             70-6000
Coil material                 Round copper
Former material             Round copper
Cone material                 Kevlar loaded paper
Surround material             Cloth-sealed
Suspension                 Single
Xmax (mm/in)                 2.0/0.08
Gap depth (mm/in)             6.0/0.24
Voice coil winding width (mm/in)     10.0/0.39
Small Signal Parameters
Sd (m2/in2)                 0.035/53.69
D (m/in)                 0.21/8.27
Fs (Hz)                 70
Mmt (g/oz)                 26.31/0.93
Mmd (g/oz)                 22.66/0.80
Qms                     7.64
Qes                     0.66
Qts                     0.61
Re (?)                     5.8
Vas (lt/ft3)                 32.6/1.15
BI (Tm)                 10.10
Cms (mm/N)                 0.2
Rms (kg/s)                 1.5

Mounting Information

Overall diameter (mm/in)         256/10.08
Overall depth (mm/in)             102/4.02
Cut-out diameter (mm/in)         229/9.02
Mounting slot dimensions (mm/in)     6 x 8/0.24 x 0.31
Number of mounting slots         4
Mounting slot PCD range (mm/in)     245/9.65
Unit weight (kg/lb)             2.4/5.3

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