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Proizvođač: MARTIN WISMAN MCD 300
Dostupnost: Na stanju
Šifra Proizvoda: 1070

Martin Wisman MCD 300, CD player.

219 € € 192

1. The standard chassis design, 1U aluminium alloy panels, beautiful and practical.
2. Microcomputer control, touch keys.
3. High brightness VFD dynamic fluorescent display, clearly visible.
4. Imported digital movement, system + ESS decoding, super error correction.
5. Automatic playback controls.
6. Can play: CD/VCD/MP3/DVD disk, can read: USB/SD card.
7. Equipped with address code switch, setting the machine address. Meet the address of the device when used with more confirmation.
8. 1 Channel audio signal left and right channels (L/R) output.
9. With remote communication control interface (RJ45), can be controlled by control host a variety of automatic playback mode, such as: singles, play all, cycle, single cycle all, stop playing, etc.
10. Available remote control.

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz (-1.5dB)
Power Requirements:  240V 50Hz
Power Consumption:  30W
Dimensions (mm) : 484(D) x 220(W) x 44(H)
Weight:  3.6Kg

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