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Proizvođač: ROKSAN K3 DAC
Dostupnost: Nema na stanju
Šifra Proizvoda: 85584

Roksan K3 DAC Anthracite Digital To Analogue Converter. If you love music, then you’re going to love the K3 DAC and the fact that you’ll be able to access the latest 24bit / 192kHz musical resolutions via balanced, XLR, Coaxial and Toshlink, plus USB type B inputs. Being able to play these high resolution files though DSD1794A also brings another dimension to CD’s working its magic to bring every ounce musical detail thanks to it’s massive scaling ability. Moving up with the music resolutions scales, the K3 DAC will also stereo files from 48kHz to the new kid on the block, DSD 128k files. This means that you can enjoy a truer audio experience which will bring some files like DSD files closer to that trusty Vinyl, LP sound.

€ 1599

Build quality of the K3 is as you would expect is sublime, with a chassis that allows all the components to be properly isolated and become free from interference. They have also kept the familiar look of the K3 family enabling K3 fans to keep that bespoke look. Musically, you quickly become accustomed to its musical prowess and how it transforms the sounds in your room for the better with a wider more transparent sound stage.

So, if you’re looking to breathe new life into your hifi system or just wish to make your K3 system even better than you thought it could then take a look at one of the best DAC on the markets under £2k, it really has the ability to shine with its musical reproductions and will transform any half decent system into one that will become a dream to hear.

Key Features

Integrated K-LINK wireless streaming Yes with optional device
Digital to Analogue Converter DSD1794A DAC chip by Texas Instruments
DSD playback capability Yes
User remote included Yes
Chassis Design Elegant new chassis design with improved ventilation

Technical Data

Digital Streams Supported:  
DAC Chip: Texas Instruments DSD1794A ,
Advanced DAC architecture
Digital Inputs: 1 x AES3 / SPDIF XLR (up to 192kHz), 
1 x SPDIF Optical Toslink (up to 192kHz), 
1 x SPDIF Coaxial RCA (up to 192kHz), 
1 x Rear Panel USB-B, 
1 x Front Panel USB-B,
Analogue Output: 1 x XLR pair, 
1 x RCA pair
THD: @ 1kHz –20dBFs < 0.003%, 
@ 20Hz -3dBFs < 0.008%
Dimensions (W x D x H): 432 x 380 x 105mm (Incl. Feet)
Weight: 7kg

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