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K&M 210/2 Microphone stand Nickel

K&M 210/2 Microphone stand Nickel

Proizvođač: K&M 210/2 Microphone stand Nickel
Dostupnost: Na stanju
Šifra Proizvoda: 10298

The industry standard for a mic stand and boom arm combination. Package consists of the 201A/2 microphone stand and the 211 boom arm. Folding base for ease of transport. Long legs for added stability. The 210/2 - a classic for 30 years. More than 2 million sold.

€ 53


  • one-piece design
    Boom arm:
  • T-bar locking screw
    Boom arm clamping:
  • 840 mm
    Boom arm length:
  • 4016842200757
  • from 900 to 1,605 mm
  • clutch
    Height adjustment:
  • socket with foldable legs
    Leg construction:
  • steel
  • Topline
    Product Category:
  • 2-piece folding design
    Rod combination:
  • the industry standard; stable and sturdy; zinc die-cast base; designed for heavy use
    Special features:
  • 3/8"
    Threaded connector:
  • nickel
  • 3.12 kg

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