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Šifra Proizvoda: 11856

The JVM205 is a 2-channel model with 50 W, but has much more to offer. The most important thing: thomann The sound. Apart from having clean sound (Clean/Crunch-Green-mode), it is typical Marshall and ranges from quaint plexi sounds to modern high-gain. Another sound is a very untypical "american" clean sound, that other britons rarely elicit and sounds really good.

€ 1375

Theory of colours: The Clean/ Crunch channel provides 3 variations - green, orange and red (we know it from thomann other Marshall products, right?). At orange it is already plexi-style, at red it will go already in the crunchy 80's sounds).

In the lead channel it goes on like this - gain in all dimensions - no muffling but the typical biting sound; moreover more tame creamy sound thomann can be conjured at will. Also a programmable 4-way foot switch, which can be used to control all switching functions, is included.

Considering sound parameters, the JVM205, in the combo version with two 12-inch speakers, is located between a compact (also in sound parameters) 1x 12-inch combo and thomann the inevitable 4x 12-inch version. To whom one speaker may sound too hollow and a 4x 12" too brutal, gets the "best of both worlds" here! Good sound with maximum flexibility and a fair price!


  • 2 x 12" speaker
  • 50W
  • 2 Channels (without semiconductor in signal path)
  • 6 Basic sounds via thomann relay switch
  • 2 Effects paths
  • Emulated line out
  • 2 Master volumes
  • Reverb
  • Programmable 4-way footswitch
  • All switch functions controllable via MIDI

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