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      Marantz NR1604 Black
      499 €
      649 €


      NR1604 Black

      The Marantz NR1604 is a versatile 7-channel home theater receiver with network capabilities in a slim-line body that delivers spacious, realistic surround sound from a wide variety of sources. This receiver features support for next-generation TV displays capable of...

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      KEF C1
      95 €
      99 €



      Compact, versatile and potent.  The C1 pairs the superbly accurate 19mm (0.75in.) tweeter and ‘tangerine’ waveguide from the latest Q Series with a slot-ported 100mm (4in.) midrange/bass driver. Both sit on a dense two-layer front baffle system to deliver a complex,...

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      Klipsch AW 400
      193 €


      AW 400

      CENA ZA PAR !!! The compact and durable Klipsch AW-400 all-weather loudspeaker brings big time sound and worry-free performances to the great outdoors. And because it\'s so efficient, you get much more sound per watt, enabling this full-range model to work well in...

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