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DMI 2 portable

Šifra Proizvoda: 85853

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Kratak opis

Equipment that supports the AES 42 standard can process the output signals of Solution-D microphones directly. In all other cases, the DMI-2 portable or DMI-8 digital microphone interface is used. The DMIs convert the AES 42 data format supplied by the microphone into an AES/EBU signal.

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The Interfaces are operated via the Neumann RCS remote control software, which is installed on a desktop or laptop computer. Some parameters of the DMI-2 portable can be accessed directly at the interface. The computer is connected to the DMI via a USB port and a USB to RS 485 interface converter. If a large number of microphones is used, several DMI-8’s can be cascaded. In this case, each digital microphone interface can be addressed individually. 

In addition to a word clock input and output, the DMIs also have an internal word clock generator. If no master word clock signal (e.g. from a mixing console) is present at the input, the DMI internal word clock is used automatically to synchronize the microphone channels, and the signal is switched to the word clock output. 

External commands such as "On Air" (red light) can be controlled via the 9-pin user port of the DMI-2 and DMI-8.
The DMI-2 portable
The DMI-2 portable is the ideal digital microphone interface solution for ENG and other field recording applications.

It supports two digital microphones and allows adjustment of the Gain, Pre Attenuation and Low Cut filter settings at the device. The front panel display shows the selected gain and, by means of bar graphs, shows the current signal level and any gain reduction. Of course, these functions can also be operated via the RCS software, which allows complete access to all of the microphone parameters.

Microphone presets can be stored inside the DMI-2 portable and recalled for use in the field.

DMI-2 portable Frontansicht

DMI-2 portable linke Seitenansicht

DMI-2 portable rechte Seitenansicht
Delivery range
1 x Digital Microphone Interface DMI-2 portable
1 x CD with RCS software and USB drivers
Ordering information
DMI-2 portable silver Cat. No. 542404
Technical Data
Ports 2x AES42 IN (XLR3F), 
2x Word Clock IN/OUT (BNC), 
1x Remote Control (USB)
Indicators Monochrome display, bar graphs for gain, level and gain reduction, LED’s for Power, Battery status, Synchronization and Valid
Phantom power (DPP) +10 V, max. 250 mA per channel, short-circuit proof
Remote control data Pulses (+2 V), superimposed on the phantom power, approx. 750 bits/s or 9,600 bits/s (depending on the microphone)
Microphone synchronization AES42 – Mode 2 (synchronous mode) Microphone clock control via PLL
DMI-2 portable Synchronization automatically to an external word clock or AES11 signal, if present, otherwise the internal word clock generator is activated
Word Clock (or AES11) Input BNC
- Vin >100 mV at 75 ohms
Word Clock (or AES11) output BNC
- Vout = Vin (external synchronization)
- Vout approx. 1.5 V at 75 ohms (internal word clock generator)
Internal word clock generator 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96 kHz/176.4 / 192 kHz, Accuracy ±25 ppm
Control elements 2x push-switch rotary encoder
CTL (Control interface) 1x USB port
Power supply DC 10-18 V (Hirose) , NP1 rechargeable battery or AC/DC converter
Power consumption < 8 VA
Dimensions (W x H x D) 186 x 44 x 126 mm
Weight approx. 625 g

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