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      LiteQuest QDR 400
      149 €


      QDR 400

      4-fold DMX splitter for rack-mounting DMX splitter for splitting one DMX input signal to 4 DMX outputs.Connections XLR 3-pin x4, Every DMX output with independent driver and data indicator Input and outputs with a set of respective power supply and internal fuse Rack...

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      INVISION Wireless Dream Controller
      35 €
      46 €


      Wireless Dream Controller

      Wireless Dream Controller LED Controller This controller is design for led production which uses ZJ168 as driver, it is very useful for light box advertisement, stage light, house decorating, and so on Working temperature: -20- 60 Supply voltage: DC12V consume...

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      LEDMAX RGB Controller Rainbow 4A 12-24V
      45 €
      57 €


      RGB Controller Rainbow 4A...

      8 keys touch panel RF radio frequency wireless remote control This product is a novel LED controller developed by our company which can realize multistage touch dimmer. Adopting advanced touch design, through the panel controller combined with touch remote way,...

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      Martin Freekie Controller
      490 €


      Freekie Controller

      FreekieTM  The Freekie is a DJ controller that adds instant lighting control to the dancefloor mix. Packed with easy-to-use features, Freekie has pitch and pan/tilt control for instant lightshow to music synchronization The Freekie is a new DJ controller that adds...

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      Martin M-PC



      M-PC gives you the same power and functionality as the software running on all the M-Series consoles. It can be installed on any PC running Windows 7 or higher. It is the same software you will find on the Martin M2PC console surface and can also be used in conjunction...

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      Martin M-Touch



      Martin M-Touch is a powerful yet simple control surface for the Martin M-Series controllers, the most affordable professional lighting solutions on the market. Fully compatible with all M-Series consoles and M-PC software, Martin M-Touch is a plug-and-play solution with...

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      Acme Visio Color Mood Color Commander
      319 €


      Visio Color Mood Color...

      The Color Commander is the control centre for Visio products which have a 24v input. This easy to use controller is equipped with a user friendly control panel which allows easy management of one touch colour selection buttons as well as the ability to spectrum mix any...

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      JBSystems iLead



      Controls up to 192 DMX channels    * Controls 24 scanners with up to 8 DMX channels per fixture.    * 12 preset movements for instant show editing    * Sets DMX address of iSolution effects remotely    * 24 chases with up to 485 scenes    * Auto program controlled by...

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      JBSystems SM1612
      193 €



      192 DMX channels for12 Fixtures of 16 channels each 30 Banks of 8 programmable scenes (total = 240 scenes) 6 Programmable chases of 240 scenes 8 Sliders for manual control of channels Assignable joystick for ease of use File Dump allows data to be sent or received...

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