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The power amps in the POWERMATE power mixers correspond to professional 19"-power amps when it comes to design, dimensions, set of features, performance and operational reliability. They offer the same protection and reliability features as outlined in our Power Amplifier INFO (PDF) , plus outstanding headroom and dynamic limiters. Furthermore, POWERMATE power amps include our patented LPN-Filter (PDF) for electronically optimizing the transient response of typical PA-loudspeaker systems. The result is: explicitly more powerful and highly transparent sound.

1136 €

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Dynacord PM600-2,With their features, quality construction,

durability, and power the Powermate series of powered mixers by

Dynacord have become the "go to" solution for professionals in many

applications.All components, the mixing section, power amps and

integrated digital effect units follow an uncompromising design

offering at least the same functionality and performance as their

counterparts that are comprised of discrete single components.

POWERMATE mixers combine all the functions of a professional audio

system in a single, elegant and extremely compact enclosure, which not

only guarantees easiest transportation but also quickest installation,

plus that they provide extraordinarily easy operation.

    2 x 300 W, 4 Ohms
    LPN Filter
    Speakon Sockets
    Doubling Effects
    Easy programmable presets
    18-bit digital effect processor
    Studio Quality Effects
    2 x 99 Presets
    Robust and leightweight metal case
    6 Mic/Line Inputs , 2 Stereo inputs
    Stand-by function

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