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      FBT Vertus Line array active system
      2799 €
      3499 €


      Vertus Line array active...

      Completely made in Italy The Vertus system comprises of:2 x CLA 604a active column speakers 2 x CLA 208Sa active subwoofers 2 x VT-S604 speaker poles 2 x KMS220 Adaptors 4 x Neutrik Powercon Cables This system is easily expandable with the addition of further CLA604a’s...

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      JBS AUDIO EPAX 400
      199 €
      266 €


      EPAX 400

      EPAX 400 - Kombo SystemPA - 4180 MIKSER + ZVUČNICI Karakteristike Mikrofonski ulazni nivo: - 60dB ulazna impedansa 600 oma Linijski ulazni nivo: 20dB - ulazna impedansa 47 K oma Kanalna regulacija klipinga 5-pojasni grafički ekvilajzer 3-pojasni kanalni...

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      999 €


      CYCLOP 1000

      CYCLOP 1000 consists of two satellites and a subwoofer equipped with a power amp and all the electronics required to drive the bass bin and satellite.The electronic circuitry protects it from overloads and makes this system very easy to operate. An Martin Wisman AUDIO...

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      FBT Mitus 115
      1290 €


      Mitus 115

      800W-8ohm- 132dB SPL Passive reinforcement speaker · Hi-grade passive internal crossover featuring “soft-trip” circuitry protection of LF and HF transducers · Speakon NL4MD-V connectors IN & LINK OUT The MITUS 115 is a two-way speaker with a...

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