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      Klipsch R-115SW



      The Reference R-115SW subwoofer is the perfect combination of power, sophisticated and heart-pounding bass. Packing a serious punch, the R-115SW will not only wake your neighbors, it'll piss them off. The way only Klipsch can.

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      FOCAL SOPRA Subwoofer
      3499 €


      SOPRA Subwoofer

      Focal SW 1000 Be active subwoofer is the redesigned version of the Electra Be subwoofer to ensure compatibility with the other loudspeakers in the Sopra line.

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      Klipsch R 12SW
      379 €
      399 €


      R 12SW

      The R-12SW subwoofer uncovers what you've been missing in your music, movies and games -- clean chest-thumping bass. The high performance subwoofer provides deep bass and placement flexibility thanks to its front firing driver and all digital amplifier.

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      FOCAL SUB 1000F-Black
      1299 €


      SUB 1000F-Black

      AMPLIFIED SEALED, COMPACT SUBWOOFER The Sub 1000 F subwoofer has been designed for Home Cinema use in the purest Focal tradition. A technological masterpiece, it has a 30 cm diameter Flax membrane bass speaker cone. The stiffness and lightness of this...

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      Klipsch R 10SW
      329 €


      R 10SW

      The R-10SW subwoofer is the ideal companion whether you're looking to achieve a 5.1 system or a 5.1 on the Richter scale. The high performance subwoofer provides deep bass and placement flexibility thanks to its front firing driver and all digital amplifier.

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      HECO VICTA PRIME SUB 251 / Ebony Black
      286 €


      VICTA PRIME SUB 251 / Ebony...

      VICTA II SUB 251 / Ebony Black The Heco Victa Sub 25 A is one subwoofer that you should take into account when thinking of a serious bass machine but being more or less on a budget. It will provide serious bass to meet the requirements of a small or medium living room...

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      KEF C4
      359 €



      Unobtrusively handsome yet powerful, the new C4 subwoofer provides an incredible bass output with immaculate control. With a 200W on-board amplifier driving a 200mm (8in) front-firing bass cone, the C4 is engineered to minimise distortion as meticulously as the...

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      KEF Q400b Walnut
      649 €


      Q400b Walnut

      The multiple award-winning Q Series has always exemplified KEF’s conviction that new materials and technologies can, when applied with intelligence and imagination, reproduce recordings so perfectly that they sound indistinguishable from the live event. This is more true...

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      Q Acoustics 2070Si Subwoofer Walnut
      349 €

      Q Acoustics

      2070Si Subwoofer Walnut

      Unusually at its price level, the Model 2070Si subwoofer is a completely DSP (Digital Signal Processing) driven system with highly efficient class D amplification. However this has meant we have been able to achieve an advanced level of functionality, as well as...

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      Tannoy TS2.10 Subwoofer
      529 €
      599 €


      TS2.10 Subwoofer

      The TS2.10 is the entry level active subwoofer in Tannoy’s innovative and powerful TS2 range. These compact domestic subwoofers draw on Tannoy’s extensive professional and stadium loudspeaker design experience to deliver class-leading low frequency drama and thunderous...

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